About Me

Daryl Hooper

Born in County Durham, UK. Lives and works in Bristol, UK.

2010 - Graduated BA Hons Photography, Manchester School of Art.

2018 - Artist in Residence at Prenzlauer Kunst Kollektiv, Berlin, Germany.

I am an Aquarius, a Meditator and I love to play cricket

My work + other colour stories

My love of colour started when I was little, I would always be changing the colour of my childhood bedroom, from my perfect lime green to having half pink, half purple walls.

I used to dive head first into my Gran Susie's embroidery threads. She had the most magical array of colours!

Sometimes as a child I liked to lie on the grass and watch the clouds go by and be totally engrossed in its blue.

My Gran and Granda's garden was always full of beautiful flowers and the colours were always a feast for my eyes. I loved to see the every changing colour of my Granda's tomatoes in his greenhouse. I still smell tomato stalks today and think of my Granda Jackie.

My Granda Jackie was a miner but he also was an artist, he loved watercolour and I still use his watercolour palette today. My Mam is also a very creative bee, she would always make drawings for me and my school friends to colour in.

I am a part of an Artist card collective -

Contact me

I'm always up for a collaboration if anyone fancies a mash up of art! If you would like some work commissioned just drop me an email or write in the box.

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